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Hillsborough Anniversary ... 15.4.1989

My first real insight into the horror of Hillsborough – and Liverpool FC's emotional links with the community – came on the following Monday, when the players visited the injured at Sheffield Infirmary. The first person we were asked to see was a 14-year-old boy, who was on a life-support machine. There was no hope for him, but his mother requested that he be kept on the machine until we arrived. Though he was not conscious, we sat there talking to him for a few minutes. Then someone announced that he was dead and started putting a screen around his bed.

At that point, I lost it completely, I cried my eyes out. I tried to say something to comfort the mother, but I almost felt that she was comforting me. She kept thanking me for coming to see him, and telling me how much he loved Liverpool – the strength she showed was incredible. Then I went into another ward, and reached a man's bed just as he was regaining consciousness. He recognized me instantly, and his first words to me were, 'If you reach the Cup final, can you get me a ticket?'
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